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Class Descriptions

ANUSARA INSPIRED: The poses in Anusara Yoga are considered to be “heart-oriented,” meaning that they are expressed from the “inside out.” In addition, more static and longer held poses are used to give you, the student, time to focus on the alignment of your body and to focus your breath in a way that empowers you to step into your strength and fullness of being.  The focus on alignment makes even the most challenging poses therapeutic. Students are left with a blessing or a reminder on how to continue to embody the heart theme "off the mat" in their daily life.

ASHTANGA : The purpose of vinyasa is for internal cleansing.  Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a flow of sequenced postures linked together through breathing, alignment, gaze, and internal locks. It is an energy generating practice that cultivates a meditative experience and a natural self-practice. There is a set routine of postures that are done in the same order every class. The Entire Series include a warm up, standing, seated and finishing poses.  There is a total of  6 series in the Ashtanga tradition.  Ashtanga I will take you through half of the First (primary) sequence.  ASHTANGA II will take  you through the entire Primary Series.  ASHTANGA III  will focus on the Intermediate Series, second series and a  full understanding of the primary series is required.

GENTLE: Gentle Yoga is a practice that is a soothing, ALL LEVELS class that utilizes traditional Hatha, Restorative, and Qi Gong techniques to alleviate muscle tension and cultivate inner peace. The meditative practice aims to retrain your nervous system's response to stress and restore balance to energy levels. Gentle Yoga can accommodate those with limited range of motion or moderate physical constraints.  It is also a great class for experienced practitioners who want to balance their practice with a slow-paced, meditative class.

HATHA I: This class uses a slow and gentle approach to moving, strengthening and stretching the body. Props such as bolsters, blankets and straps are used to ease the postures and extend the length of the poses. This approach creates more permanent memory in the muscles used and activates smaller muscle groups. Expect to move slowly and gently. Expect to hold poses for longer, more relaxed periods.

HATHA  II: This class is suitable for all levels of student, including beginners and those who are expanding their practice to learn new poses and techniques. This class moves through basic postures to focus on breath and alignment and find balance and harmony in one’s mind and body. Modifications for beginners and options for advanced practitioners are provided throughout the class. There will be plenty of time in each pose or sequence of poses for each student to find the appropriate modification.  You can expect to learn or review the basic, fundamental poses, including standing poses, some balancing, gentle backbends, twists and seated poses. More challenging poses are introduced in a thoughtful sequence allowing individuals to make appropriate modifications for their personal practice.

INTRO TO YOGA : Yoga is an exercise that integrates functions of the mind, body and breath into one practice. Learn the fundamentals of pranayama (breathing) and asana (poses) in this introductory class. Intro to Yoga is intended to be an easy introduction to the cornerstones of yoga including fundamental poses, proper alignment, breathing exercises, and mind-body awareness. The class is ideal for students who have never done yoga before or are looking to concentrate on fundamentals.

KUNDALINI: Expand your consciousness with Kundalini Yoga. Starting with a Kundalini Kriya - intended to awaken energy, build flexibility, endurance and awareness then we will sometimes close the class with a beautiful gong meditation. Allowing the vibrations of the gong to heal your body and bring you to a state of total relaxation. Each ‘Healing Power of Gong’ session begins with light yoga (suitable for any body). Then we move into deep relaxation using the symphonic sounds of the gong. The gong is a reinforced vibration that impacts the entire body by releasing stress, unwinding nerves, and bringing the mind to total calm.  After the gong we use primal sounds (mantra) to remind us that the entire universe was built on sound, on vibration. As you vibrate a particular combination of sounds, you tune into a higher level of intelligence and consciousness.

MYSORE:  Mysore is open to all levels, from absolute beginners to more experienced students. Students practice at their own pace. The class is not led, and a sequence of postures is learned, one by one, from the teacher. The teacher gives instruction on an individual basis. It is thus a personal practice in a group setting. It eventually becomes a moving meditation because you synchronize your movements with your breath and develop a deep internal focus.
At P.S. Yoga, Mysore focuses on the Primary Series, which is a kind of yoga therapy called Chikitsa that purifies and heals the body.
Mysore is the traditional way of learning Ashtanga yoga. It is named after Mysore city in India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the guru of Ashtanga Yoga, lived and taught. ​

KIDS YOGA: Kids learn yoga poses through play and imaginative themed activities. Kids have fun, learn coordination and balance, and express themselves with movement. For kids 4-8.

VINYASA I: For yogis beginning to develop their practice, we use a calming breath to guide graceful movements through poses. Postures are sequenced to enable the body’s full range of motion, while encouraging increased core strength and stability. Followed by a peaceful centering meditation.
Wake up your body slowly through this gentle, yet slowly-energizing yoga practice.  There will be much emphasis on the breath and body moving together as to create balance and integration of body, mind and spirit/breath.  This class is suitable for all levels.

VINYASA II: This class focuses on awakening the body with invigorating sequences and core strengtheners. Sustained postures are connected by fluid transitional movements (vinyasa) and focus on breathing to create internal heat.  Students will find it helpful to have some previous yoga experience before attending class. While the basics of yoga will be reviewed, these classes will focus on expanding each student's current practice by including sun salutations and vinyasa-type elements to the class. Sustained postures used in Hatha are incorporated to encourage students to focus on their breath and exploration of the body to build strength and ease. Dynamic sun salutes focus your attention, create rhythm between the breath and body, and release tension. You can expect to explore deeper back bends and twists, more challenging balancing poses, and possibly even basic inversions and arm balances. Please always modify any pose as you need to for your own body.

VINYASA III: The class is for students who have a strong foundation of a physical yoga practice. We recommend that you have at least 3 months of regular yoga practice, that you feel comfortable with repetitive SUN SALUTATIONS, and that you have explored some inversions and deeper back-bends. It is important if you choose to attend these classes that you have familiarity with the basic alignment in the poses and know how to keep your body safe. We also ask that you honor your body's limitations and ask for modifications if you need them. This class supports advanced students looking for a more dynamic practice that will challenge their mind and body. Sufficient strength, stamina and flexibility are used as inversions, back-bends and handstands are incorporated into the class.

YIN: This is a more passive, slower-paced style of yoga.  The practice has a meditative and calming effect, in that poses are held for longer periods of time in order to slowly stretch the deep connective tissue in the body.  Yin Yoga specifically targets the ligaments and tendons in joints, helping to improve range of motion and flexibility.  Yin Yoga is a unique type of yoga making it suitable for ALL LEVELS, including beginners and experienced practitioners.  It is a healing experience for mind and body.

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS: Yoga Foundations is a great class for beginning students. The class will cover basic and foundational poses and sequences. The class will flow and move, but will be taught in a slower format to allow time for breaking things down and for students to ask questions. The class is also a good opportunity for more experienced students to refine their practice.

YOGA SCULPT: A total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights serve as your own personal adjuster as you move through sun salutations and other yoga postures, enabling extra length and depth in each pose. This intense, but easy to follow program complements your regular yoga practice while pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights.

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