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Crystal Readings
Nicole Harry


Unique and personal way to customize your self-healing. Oracle Tarot allows you to reveal the future most elegantly. The crystals carry a message of hope and should enable you to ease your anxieties and overcome any doubt that you feel in your daily life. With this unique oracle deck, you can harness the power of crystals for healing, divination, and transformation! Created by the founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakening, each of these 56 cards features a beautiful photo of a potent crystal. Before receiving this reading on our scheduled appointment, please ensure that you are in a calm state of mind and location in a place that is suitable for our session.
After the session, you can talk about what type of jewelry piece you would like made for you. You can have an individual custom piece designed that combines the healing properties and intention to help achieve the desired outcome. All sessions are held in Zoom Conference online.

30 Minute Readings
Session includes:
1. Card crystal & chakra reading
2. Copies of the crystal meaning & Chakra

60 Minute Readings
Session includes:1. Crystal & Chakra reading
2. A recorded session for your studies
3. Copies of the crystal meaning and chakra
4. Affirmations for the chakra
5. Link to the music that was playing during your session
6. Resources to add to your healing

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